SE Student Sessions

If you are a Somatic Experiencing Student, please know that I am now authorized to provide personal sessions which will be approved for credit at all levels .   All student sessions are $100.00 per hour for 60 minutes.  Skype sessions are available for students who do not have an approved provider in their area.

I have assisted several SE faculty, including Kathy Kain, Joshua Sylvae, Lael Keen and Alicen Halquist.  I have had the privilege of witnessing each teacher’s individual style, which has really supported my continued growth as a practitioner.

These sessions are for your own self-care, in addition to meeting the training requirement.  While the minimum training requirement is 4 sessions per training level, some students find themselves needing additional sessions for nervous system regulation.  I encourage you to trust your own nervous system when making your decision about how many SE sessions you need.

At this time, I am only providing personal sessions. If you need consultations, please check the SE session provider directory to find an approved provider.