Recovery and the Road Ahead

Dear Clients and Future Clients,

The past year has been difficult for so many of us. As I return to my once-deserted office, I reflect on a year of shocking trauma, but also human resiliency. I have been priviledged to support courageous activists who were on the front lines of fighting for racial justice. I have held space for people who have lost loved ones to covid-19. I have seen people struggle daily with isolation and a sense of dread, wondering when things would ever get better. In recent weeks, I have seen the first hints of hope, as a new administration begins its work. Despite racial injustice and the threat of domestic terrorism, our democracy remains intact. The fight for justice and equality continues. I am truly humbled by the fact that activists have leaned on me for support. You have taught me so much, and I am committed to continue learning.

My office will soon be a safer place to meet in person, and I am extending this invitation to a handful of clients. As a behavioral healthcare provider in the state of Colorado, I am fortunate to be eligible for a covid-19 vaccine. I received my first dose of the Moderna shot last weekend. As the vaccine does its work and my body builds up antibodies, I am gradually expanding my in-person services.

Masks will still be required in my office for the forseeable future. While the vaccine will eventually provide me with excellent protection against Covid-19, it is still unknown how much this prevents transmission. As I make the transition to more in-person sessions, I greatly appreciate everyone’s patience and cooperation with the continued need for masks and physical distancing. Clients who are feeling sick, have recently traveled or have been exposed to covid-19 will still need to do Telehealth.

I look forward to seeing you in my office again soon, as we look ahead to what will likely be a much better year.