About Bridget

I began my mental health career with crisis intervention and suicide prevention. I provided emergency phone counseling and assessment for Mental Health Partners, assisting with hospital intakes and treatment planning.  My experience also includes working in a treatment program for at-risk youth, providing counseling, in-home care and psychoeducational skills training.

I graduated from Naropa University in 2006, with my Master’s degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology.  Currently in private practice, I am is also a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, and I am passionate about helping trauma survivors find their own source of strength and resiliency.  As an an Advanced-level teaching assistant for local SE trainings, I love mentoring SE students while continuing to learn from the amazing faculty and other assistants in the community.  I have had the unique opportunity to learn directly from Peter Levine as part of a workshop entitled Therapeutic Presence, therapeutic rhythm, in October of 2016.

I was a group facilitator for the WINGS foundation for two years, working with adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse.  I now work half-time at WINGS as a staff member.  I have collaborated with the clinical team in making new member orientation and assessments more trauma-informed, and I have also also helped train new facilitators in Judith Herman’s 3-phase recovery model.

I have served as a clinical support person for diversity education for Naropa’s Transpersonal Counseling Psychology program, encouraging students to explore issues of multiculturalism, LGBT rights and social justice.  I feel honored to be a voice for such issues in numerous clinical organizations and training programs throughout the course of my career.

As a training assistant for the SE Trauma assistant, I serve as a mentor and support person for students learning SE principles and skills.  I am proud to also be an educator who offers experiential workshops for trauma survivors on subjects such as personal boundaries, creative healing ritual, self-compassion and empowerment.


I was drawn to work with Bridget at a time in my life when I was experiencing several transitions and life stresses. My anxiety level was sky rocketing, and I knew I needed help with ongoing depression as well. Bridget has been a wonderful guide through the difficulties of accepting the changes in my life. Their  body centered approach works well with both anxiety and depression, as they gently guide me to feel my body’s response and to sit with it as it moves through me. Bridget is empathic, peaceful, and able to sit with the pain I have been going through, helping me to sit with it as well.

Bridget is comfortable working with many different ages, genders, and personalities, and their approach accommodates both the differences and the similarities of each human experience. They have served as an insightful guide for me, and I am truly grateful.

-F M, Denver, CO.

Bridget Blasius is a warm and empathic therapist with an intuitive approach to working with trauma. They have a solid understanding of how trauma and stress manifest in the body. They also has a compassionate awareness of existential issues facing their clients. Those who work with Bridget have many opportunities for healing and transformation.

-Betty Cannon, PhD, author of Sartre and Psychoanalysis and president of the Boulder Psychotherapy Institute.

I know Bridget’s work. They are is able to apply their knowledge and natural grasp of existential principles, along with their knowledge of trauma therapy to her work with clients and students. They listen without assumptions and helps their clients get to real and substantive issues. They are fearless and loyal in their ability to stay with clients through their sometimes difficult personal work. Bridget is genuinely interested in the progress and insight that comes about for their clients during their psychotherapy or personal growth work. I refer to them whenever I can.

-Reed Lindberg, existential relationship counselor and managing director of the Boulder
Psychotherapy Institute.